Preventive Dentistry

Preventive dentistry in our Armidale, NSW dental clinic is designed to keep your teeth and gums healthy by using proactive measures. In other words, we want to help stave off potential dental issues before they become costly and call for invasive services.

Dr Joseph Nyepetsi and his caring team rely on quality technologies and experience to bring patients the services they need to maintain their dental health at any age. And at Markham Street Dental, we see patients of all ages.

Preventive dentistry in Armidale, NSW is also a partnership between you and your dentist. It requires an excellent oral care routine at home, coupled with comprehensive preventive services in our dental clinic.

We offer happy gas (nitrous oxide) to help you relax and get through dental treatment. It is very helpful when treating children as well. 

Preventive Dentistry Services in Armidale to Meet Your Family’s Needs

Because Dr Nyepetsi sees patients of all ages, he has experience across every age group. And he wants to help your family maintain their smiles going forward—this includes everyone from young children to grandparents.

Our preventive dental services in Armidale, NSW include:

Twice-yearly dental exams

Dr Nyepetsi recommends twice-yearly dental exams. This practice helps him compare oral changes between visits and spot small problems before they become costly and time consuming for you. Dental exams generally include cancer screenings.

Twice-yearly teeth cleanings

Professional teeth cleanings in Armidale, NSW get rid of the stubborn plaque and bacteria that can lead to cavities, root infections, dental emergencies and even gum disease.

If you have specific dental issues like gum disease, a more custom cleaning schedule may be recommended.

Digital x-rays

Digital x-rays are designed to be safer than traditional x-rays. They emit only a negligible amount of radiation—approximately what you would absorb if you spent a few minutes outdoors. Digital x-rays also produce clear images that allow Dr Nyepetsi to keep a watch on what’s going on beneath the surface of your smile.

Fissure Sealants

Fissure Sealants help protect your enamel from bacteria and food debris, which can lead to cavities or infections. Fissure sealants are applied to the back of your teeth to provide a shield of protection. With proper care, sealants can last for several years. We can replace them when the need arises.

Fluoride Applications

Fluoride is found in drinking water and even in some fruits. It helps strengthen your teeth against cavities and penetrates enamel microscopically. You can have fluoride treatments every few months, depending on need or the state of your oral health. Fluoride treatments are especially important if you’re prone to cavities.

Sports mouthguards

If you play sports, Dr Nyepetsi and his team want you to be safe and your mouth to be protected from fly balls and elbows. Ask your Armidale, NSW dentist about our custom sports mouthguards.

Our Goal Is to Provide You and Your Family Members with Healthy Smiles for Life

If you’re seeking dentistry in Armidale, Kentucky, Walcha, Uralla or the surrounding locations, we invite you to contact our friendly dental team to arrange exams for the whole family.