Emergency Dental Appointments in Armidale

Most of us will deal with at least one dental emergency in our lifetime. When dental emergencies in Armidale, NSW arise, it’s good to know that a compassionate team is ready to rally and get you in front of the dentist as soon as possible.

At Markham Street Dental, Dr Joseph Nyepetsi sets aside time to help patients who are struggling with the pain and anxiety that comes with dental emergencies. He knows how these situations can ruin your plans and destroy your sleep.

It is his goal to relieve your pain and save your smile. He wants you to be able to go forward with your plans and rest easy.

Your Dental Emergency in Armidale, NSW

There are several different types of dental emergencies, but commonly, we see dental infections or root infections that require root canal therapy in Armidale.

Signs of a dental infection or dental emergency may include one or more of the following:

  • Tooth sensitivity to hot or coldMan wincing from a toothache
  • Toothache
  • Gum pain
  • Jaw pain
  • Swelling
  • Bump on the gum

If Dr Nyepetsi determines that you need a root canal, he relies on rotary endodontics to provide a comfortable experience.

In any case, he treats all dental emergencies gently and compassionately.

Other types of dental emergencies in Armidale, NSW include:

  • Tooth knocked loose
  • Tooth knocked out
  • Broken restoration
  • Bleeding

If your tooth is knocked out, we recommend cleaning it off and restoring it to the socket if possible. If this is not an option, place the tooth in warm water or milk until your emergency visit. With fast intervention, Dr Nyepetsi may have a chance to restore your tooth.

If you’ve suffered a trauma, we encourage you to head to the hospital and contact us from there. We want you to be safe.

In all other cases, we recommend contacting our dental clinic as soon as possible.

Preventing Dental Emergencies in Armidale, NSW

Tooth and first aid kitPreventive dentistry and an excellent oral hygiene routine have been shown to lower your risks for some dental emergencies, including infections and decay.

We recommend visiting your Armidale dentist twice yearly for exams and cleans and brushing and flossing regularly at home.

If you play sports, we recommend wearing a custom mouthguard to prevent sudden injuries to the mouth.

If you grind or clench your teeth (bruxism), we suggest asking your Armidale, NSW emergency dentist about nightguards. Grinding and clenching lead to enamel erosion and may weaken your tooth structure, causing infections, decay and breakage.

We also recommend contacting your Armidale, NSW dental clinic if you notice oral health changes—tooth sensitivity that does not improve, for example.

At Markham Street Dental, we want you to be safe and free from the pain brought by dental emergencies.

We Want to Help You with Your Dental Emergency

We recommend not waiting when the pain sets in, and we invite you to contact our dental clinic if you notice signs of a dental emergency.