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General Dentistry

Our Armidale, NSW dentist wants to help you maintain optimal oral health throughout pregnancy.

During pregnancy, your body goes through many changes, and so do your hormones. While there is no evidence to suggest that pregnancy leads to tooth decay, there may be some factors that contribute to dental problems during pregnancy.

What Is Pregnancy Gingivitis?

There is evidence to suggest pregnancy gingivitis in some women, an inflammation of the gums that may cause tenderness. This is rare, and an excellent oral hygiene routine and professional teeth cleaning may be in order. If you notice oral changes during pregnancy, we recommend consulting your Armidale, NSW dentist.

If you suffer from morning sickness, you may also be more prone to enamel erosion and cavities if you don’t take precautions. Cleaning your mouth after vomiting is essential to maintain the integrity of your teeth—stomach contents are acidic.

If you crave sweets, carbohydrates or acidic fruits and fruit juices, we recommend upping your dental hygiene routine to offset the increase in cavity-causing foods and beverages.

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Pregnancy may lead to decreased oral hygiene if you’re not feeling well, feeling tired or if your gag reflex is particularly sensitive. Speak to your Armidale, NSW dentist or contact our Markham Street Dental team for tips to help you out when you’re just not feeling your best.

Root canal therapy in Armidale, NSW is designed to relieve your tooth pain, eliminate infection, and save your tooth. Often, patients believe root canals will be painful, but the more common reality is pain relief through root canal therapy.

What Are Symptoms of a Root or Pulp Infection?

If you have a root and pulp infection of the tooth, common symptoms include:

  • Tooth pain
  • Tooth sensitivity
  • Jaw pain
  • Jaw or face swelling

In the early stages of a root infection, you may only notice sensitivity, which is why we encourage you to make an appointment with your Armidale, NSW dentist at the first sign of oral changes, including tooth sensitivity that does not improve. 

A root canal involves removing the infection and treating the area with an antibacterial agent and temporarily closing the tooth. In many cases, a dental crown is recommended at your next dental visit to return bite force to the compromised tooth and help prevent future breakage.

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A tooth crown in Armidale is a tooth-shaped cap that fits over an existing tooth—coloured and designed to blend in with your smile.

Remember, a root canal relieves your root-infection pain, but the therapy itself is not particularly painful. Dr Nyepetsi always makes sure you’re relaxed, comfortable and numb before beginning your root canal treatment in Armidale, NSW.

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There are two types of teeth diseases: holes and gum infection. Holes tend to occur in between the teeth and gum infection occur between gums and teeth. These two conditions at the start occur with no pain. While one may think they have good teeth based on lack of pain, the reality is a lot could be going on that cannot be noticed.

Early Signs Of Teeth Problems

Early signs of teeth problems could be sensitive teeth, bleeding gums and teeth chipping. These problems take years to give out warnings and most of the time when things start to hurt could mean the conditions are at an advanced stage, will be expensive to treat and there will be teeth loss.

Continue Regular Visits With Your Armidale Dentist

Regular dental visits and proper home care helps you to stay on track with your oral health by preventing dental disease and keep teeth for longer.


Bleeding gums is an indication that something is not right. Like the skin around the nail bed, it does not bleed. if it bleeds this could mean that there is an ingrowth/ infection between the nail bed and the skin.woman receiving dental exam l armidale dental care

Why Are My Gums Bleeding?

Similarly gums form a tight collar around the teeth and it does not bleed, when the gums bleeds it means bacteria has penetrated the collar, they breed and release toxins causing the gums to become puffy, red and bleed easily. Over time the bacteria burrow down and dissolve the bone surrounding teeth resulting in jawbone disease ultimately leading to lose teeth, drifting of teeth, bad breath and teeth falling out from the jaws.

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Do you think you may have gum disease in Armidale? If so, we welcome your phone call or email. Our dental team can help assess the problem and create a dental care action plan.

When it comes to infected teeth, antibiotics only reduce the loawoman in pain holding jaw l armidale dental cared of infection. For example, if you had a big lump beside the tooth or swelling in the face that has been caused by infected tooth, antibiotics can be used to reduce the size of the lump or swelling. However, the infection will still be present after antibiotics use and that is why it tends to recur. Infection will only be eliminated once the infected tooth or nerve has been removed.

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