General Dentistry in Armidale

At Markham Street Dental, our Armidale, NSW dentist Dr Joseph Nyepetsi and his compassionate team of professionals offer comprehensive general dentistry to fit your family’s dentalFamily smiling after visit to family dentist in Armidale needs. Our goal is to help each patient enjoy a healthy and comfortable smile for life, and we treat patients of all ages. 

General dentistry is maintenance dentistry, and it picks up where prevention leaves off. In other words, if preventive dentistry offers the services you need to help prevent dental issues, general dentistry comes into play when a dental problem arises. 

At Markham Street Dental, we also provide happy gas (nitrous oxide) if you're feeling anxious. This is a safe relaxant for children as well. 

Comprehensive General Services for Patients of All Ages 

We treat every kind of smile in our Armidale, NSW dental clinic—from little smiles to older adults—and we customise our treatment plans based on each patient’s unique dental health profile. 

Our general dentistry services include: 

Tooth-coloured fillings

We always shade your filling to blend in with your smile, and we use quality materials to help return your tooth to strength following a tooth cavity. 

Root canal treatment

If you have a root infection, symptoms may include: 

  • Tooth sensitivity to hot or cold drinks
  • Tooth pain that disturbs sleep
  • Toothache
  • Jaw pain
  • A bump on the gum 

Dr Nyepetsi gently but thoroughly clears away the infection to eliminate pain and restore your tooth. 

In some cases, based on the severity of your root and pulp infection, Dr Nyepetsi may complete your root canal with a tooth crown instead of a filling. A dental crown in Armidale, NSW is a tooth-shaped cap that goes over your prepared tooth. We always colour your tooth crown to blend with your smile.


Most patients don’t like to think about tooth extractions, but there are some situations where you may benefit from having a tooth pulled in Armidale, NSW. 

Reasons you may need a tooth pulled include:

  • Deep decayWoman closing her eyes during dental appointment
  • Trauma or severe cracks
  • Before braces
  • Wisdom teeth
  • Loose teeth from severe, untreated gum disease

Wisdom teeth are at the back of your mouth, come in later than your other teeth and often encroach on healthy teeth, which can cause dental issues and pain. Wisdom teeth serve no purpose, so when they are troublesome, our Armidale dentist may recommend removal.   

Your Comfort Is Our Priority

Our caring dentist and his compassionate team always make sure patients are relaxed and comfortable before any procedure; this includes tooth extractions. Many patients, who were nervous at first, felt at ease during their extractions and root canals and were pleasantly surprised by our gentle dentist’s approach. 

For patients who need a little extra reassurance, we do offer nitrous oxide in Armidale. This harmless gas is designed to enhance relaxation and keep patients at ease. 

Restorative Dentistry for Your Oral Health

Our Armidale dentist also offers restorative dentistry designed to optimise your oral health, improve your bite and enhance the appearance of your smile.

When teeth are missing, your existing teeth begin to shift, which can lead to alignment issues and erosion. At Markham Street Dental, we offer everything from quality dentures to dental implants, from crowns and bridges to implant-supported restorations. 

If you’re looking for comprehensive dentistry from a warm and friendly team, we invite you to arrange an exam with us.