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How often do I need to see a dentist ?

Ideally, you would want to visit your dentist in Armidale, NSW every 6 months.  Brushing and flossing clean above the gum and does not reach under the gum.  Tartar and plaque build underneath the gum. Similar to the skin on the fingernails forming a tight collar on the nail bed, teeth are similar in the sense that the gum forms a tight collar around the teeth to protect the jawbone. If the gums bleeds, it is an indication that something is not right, and the collar has been broken down by the entrance of plaque (bacteria) which now continue to breed and release toxins into the jawbone.

What Are The Benefits Of Routine Dental Visits?

Without 6 monthly checks and cleans, what then can happen is bacteria penetrates and dissolve the bone around the teeth painlessly and eventually teeth will become lose. 6 monthly checks and cleans in addition to brushing twice daily and flossing will prevent occurrence of gum disease and tooth decay. Other benefits of 6 monthly checks are: allows dental problems to be identified early which cost less to manage. Advanced dental problems attract high expenses to treat, and this can be distressing to all involved.

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