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I do not have pain in my teeth, why should I go to a dentist ?

There are two types of teeth diseases: holes and gum infection. Holes tend to occur in between the teeth and gum infection occur between gums and teeth. These two conditions at the start occur with no pain. While one may think they have good teeth based on lack of pain, the reality is a lot could be going on that cannot be noticed.

Early Signs Of Teeth Problems

Early signs of teeth problems could be sensitive teeth, bleeding gums and teeth chipping. These problems take years to give out warnings and most of the time when things start to hurt could mean the conditions are at an advanced stage, will be expensive to treat and there will be teeth loss.

Continue Regular Visits With Your Armidale Dentist

Regular dental visits and proper home care helps you to stay on track with your oral health by preventing dental disease and keep teeth for longer.