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How do modern dentures support a modern lifestyle?

If you need dentures and live in the Armidale, NSW area, Markham Street Dental is here to answer all of your questions. If your grandparents had dentures, you might have the wrong idea about the modern version of dentures. 

Today, dentures are lightweight and natural-looking. Even their appearance is not a one-size-fits-all look today. When you seek dental care in Armidale, you can rest assured that our dentist and team will provide you with functional and attractive results.

Dentures That Look Natural

When designing dentures, our dentist considers your facial appearance, skin tone, hair colour and the shape of your face. Denture teeth come in various shades and shapes to complement smiles of all ages and goals.

Dentures That Fit Great

Dentures that slip or fall while you eat, laugh or talk are embarrassing. So Dr Nyeptsi will design dentures that stay where they’re meant to be or offer a solution like implant-retained dentures so that you can feel confident in your social and professional life.

With Modern Dentures, You Have Choices

Dentures come in a variety of materials – from metal, acrylic and even flexible options. If you have missing teeth and you’re ready for a tooth replacement option that meets your needs, contact our Armidale dental clinic to arrange an appointment.