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Implants Or Dentures For Tooth Loss ?

One of the consequences of tooth loss is bone shrinkage. The more teeth are being lost the jawbone will shrink and affect how the face looks. When there is complete tooth loss the cheeks and lips will collapse. However, the use of dentures will improve appearance, but dentures will accelerate bone loss in the future and dentures will become loose. Additionally, dentures have limitations as follows: food gets underneath and they become smelly, they don’t allow one to chew hard nutritious food and they move when eating. Dental implants are versatile in that they can be used to replace single and multiple teeth. Additionally, dental implants can be used to support dentures which help address some of the limitations of traditional dentures / plates.


The above picture demonstrates the use of dental implants to replace two missing front teeth on the top jaw. The client did not want to have a denture / plate to replace front teeth. Two implants were placed, and front teeth attached to the implants. This remains fixed to the jaw just like natural teeth. No need to be removed and they feel like natural teeth when eating.