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How do you fix a chipped tooth?

A chipped tooth can be embarrassing and prevent you from wanting to smile and laugh. But it can also invite bacteria, decay and infection, which is why it’s important to treat a chipped tooth even if it is not causing you pain.

For a minor chip that is merely cosmetic, your dentist in Armidale may rely on composite resin for repair. This is the material used in tooth-coloured fillings. It is spread across a minor chip or crack, and then your dentist uses a special light to set the material.

What Is A Dental Crown?

However, for chips that may pose a threat to your oral health, your dentist relies on a dental crown for repair.

A dental crown is a hollow tooth cap that goes over your tooth to the gum line. This cap is shaped and coloured to look like a tooth and to blend easily with your teeth. It is highly unlikely that anyone will even know you have a dental crown. Besides aesthetics, a tooth crown also provides support to a tooth that may be vulnerable to further fracture due to damage or a chip.

For Dental Crowns in Armidale, We Welcome Your Call

A chipped tooth can put your oral health at risk. We recommend contacting our dental clinic to schedule a consultation.