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How long does a dental implant last?

If you have missing teeth, you have probably wondered about your options for tooth replacement. Your dentist in Armidale, NSW offers a variety of selections, but dental implants are considered a more permanent solution to tooth loss. They also perform most like natural in polo shirt smiling outside l tooth implant armidale nsw

A dental implant is the only option that replaces your tooth, and its root, which can help prevent bone loss in your jaw and tooth shifting—both can mean future dental health problems. And unlike other tooth replacement options, dental implants are also maintenance-free and long-term.

What Is A Dental Implant?

The implant itself is a thin but strong replacement root that your dentist surgically implants in your jaw. It integrates with your natural bone to create a sturdy foundation for your replacement crown over a period of months. Your dentist can also secure a prosthetic—an arch of replacement teeth on a denture—using four to six implants. Patients with significant or full tooth loss often choose this option.

With dental implants, you brush your teeth and floss regularly and visit your dentist on time for dental exams and teeth cleans—just like with natural teeth. And if you follow these guidelines, your dental implants can last for decades or even for life.

Are You Considering Dental Implants in Armidale?

We encourage you to reach out to a friendly team member if you’re considering dental implants or if you have any questions.