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Why do I need a crown ?

There are many reasons why a dental crown could be the right treatment for your tooth. 

woman receiving dental exam l dental crowns armidaleFractured teeth: teeth with silver fillings tend to crack and break over time. The silver fillings act like a wedge within the tooth causing cracks, this is common on back teeth. Whenever there is cracks, the tooth becomes weak and eventually break. In some cases, this could mean extracting the tooth. A crown acts like helmet on the tooth to protect it and prevent breakage

What Are The Benefits Of Dental Crowns?

Tooth with a large filling- fillings do fail and break after some time, each time it is replaced there is loss of natural tooth and gain of a filling. There comes a point where the size of the filling is bigger than the tooth and does not last when it has been done. A crown holds the filling and the tooth together thereby reducing risk of fracture and prolong tooth retention.

What Is Root Canal Therapy?

Following root canal therapy: During root canal treatment, the tooth is hollowed to remove painful infected nerve, this often leave the tooth week and vulnerable to breakage. A crown is placed on the tooth following root canal treatment to prevent any future breakage.

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