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What are some common dental emergencies?

At Markham Street Dental, we understand that a dental emergency can feel alarming and disrupt your work or family schedule. Tooth pain is a sign that something is wrong that requires professional intervention. We recommend you contact us right away if you experience a toothache or pain. 

But what about those emergencies that are unclear? How do you know when it’s time to seek treatment from your emergency dentist in Armidale? We are here to help with a few examples of dental emergencies.

Swelling of the Face, Jaw or Neck

Swelling typically indicates trauma or infection, especially when accompanied by pain. However, not all infections start out by hurting. You might notice swelling that is out of the ordinary. If that is the case, we recommend a visit to your dentist in Armidale, NSW.

A Sporting Accident

If a stray ball, bat or elbow hits a tooth or your face, give us a call. Our dentist will examine and x-ray the area to rule out situations like a broken root beneath the gums.

A Broken Crown or Filling

Breaking a crown or filling may not feel painful, but damaged dentistry can be a pathway for bacteria to enter the tooth and cause problems. You can probably put off a visit until the next convenient time, but don’t wait too long, or you could end up with a split or decayed tooth.