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Broken Teeth: Part 2

August 29, 2022
Posted By: Markham Street Dental

Part 2 Breaking teeth:  Are you bothered by teeth that are severely broken to the point of no repair?

Our natural teeth are constantly under attack from several factors such as decay, failing dental patchwork and from habits such as clenching and grinding. However, the best form of dental treatment is preventive regimes that aim at slowing the rate of deterioration thereby promoting tooth longevity. These preventive regimes include consistent home care (brushing and flossing), six-monthly dental checks with your dentist, use of bite splints to prevent damage from destructive forces caused by teeth grinding or clenching habits, and use of sports mouth guards to prevent dental injuries.

There are times when teeth have deteriorated to the point of no repair. At this point, there is usually pain or infection and teeth need to be removed. Tooth loss can impact your ability to chew and smile confidently. These circumstances may result in conversations with your dentist about teeth replacement options. One way to replace severely broken teeth is using titanium dental implants. This is a biologically safe way of replacing teeth with a proven track record provided they are well maintained, and the oral environment is kept healthy. At Markham Street dental we offer implant therapy ranging from single to multiple teeth or the use of implants to anchor dentures.



The above pictures show teeth that we severely broken down from failed previous dental work, teeth had cracks, infections and it decided that they are beyond being saved. Consequently, teeth were extracted, titanium implants placed to replace them.





After a period of 3 months healing, Zirconia teeth were made and attached to the implant to restore function and proper bite