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Broken Teeth: Part 1

August 20, 2022
Posted By: Markham Street Dental

Part 1 Broken Teeth: Are you bothered by teeth that keeps breaking resulting in endless dental visits?

One of the most common dental problems is breaking of teeth or fillings. This causes multiple dental visits which in the long term cost a lot and eventually teeth may be lost in the process due to dental pain or infections. Breaking and fracturing of teeth can be caused by a lot of factors such as decay, large fillings and teeth grinding or clenching habits.

One of the most common causes of broken teeth besides decay is large fillings, an example will be sliver or mercury fillings. The Silver fillings were commonly used many years ago, they are good material in the sense that they are strong and stiff therefore last a long time in the mouth. However, they act like a wedge within the tooth, and these can cause cracks around the tooth. Over time the cracks get deeper causing the tooth to chip away from the fillings. In some cases, the tooth may hold together as the crack progress into the nerve and causes infection of the tooth. Other cases the tooth simply split in half requiring removal.

One way to reduce deterioration of teeth that keeps on breaking, is by use of ceramic crowns.

The crowns act like a helmet or sleeves over the tooth thereby reducing or preventing the risk of tooth separation along the crack lines. The crowns increase the longevity of the tooth thus reducing the number of dental treatments to the same tooth over time. Additionally, they can be matched closely to the colour of your natural teeth. At Markham Street dental we have the technology to make a single visit.



Picture 1 (left): shows unsightly silver fillings that was wedging within the teeth, causing cracks and eventually the teeth were breaking along the crack lines

Picture 2 (right): the same teeth after being restored to function by using ceramic crowns which acts like a helmet or sleeve over the cracked teeth, this prevents teeth from further breaking there by improving longevity.